Gaetano Mansi for Photography on a Postcard

 is a dynamic fashion and advertising photographer based in Italy. Stepping into fashion after his architectural and still life reputation was established, he has quickly developed his credentials as a fashion photographer. Leading advertising agencies seek out Gaetano for creative concepts for fashion catalogues and advertising campaigns. 
Many of his clients trust him to produce their entire corporate image. With his network of the best fashion stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists, he is an active personal collaborator with the world's top modelling agencies.

Gaetano Mansi describes himself as a nomad, and his photographic style reflects a nomad's yearning for large open spaces, natural light, and exotic atmospheres. His photographic images are joyous and incisive, with great attention given to light; energy and vitality are reflected in his subjects. His great passion for travel has matured into a process to organise photographic shoots "on location" in Italy and throughout the world.

Gaetano's two photo postcard pieces reflect all the drama and beauty of his most famous pieces. Blending genres by using techniques used in fashion photography, street photography and landscape photography, Mansi arguably creates a unique genre and visual language of his own.  His photography captures the poise and beauty of his model subjects and forms dramatic worlds within frames to draw us in and captivate our senses. 

Gaetano Mansi

Gaetano Mansi

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