Catherine Cameron for Photography on a Postcard

Born in Oslo in 1962, Catherine Cameron is a visual artist whose use of analogue photography has seen her work exhibited in museums and galleries on an international scale. Based in Glasgow, Cameron has travelled consistently with her art over the past 40 years, showing in some of Europe's most prized exhibitions. This included work from her Glasgow School of Art Degree show being shortlisted and selected for the Saatchi New Sensations exhibition in London during the Frieze Art Fair in 2013. 

Cameron's work explores mainly psychological matters that 'form and shape us as human beings'. Looking at her work through an autobiographical lense, Cameron seeks to understand and portray the nature of repeating actions, thoughts and behaviors within human relationships, regardless of the perceived or hoped for outcomes. Her work questions the role of hope, from its ability to either benefit or cause detriment to situations and people.

Visually, Catherine uses analogue photography to stage and create images; deconstructing and reconstructing photographs to reflect the cyclical nature of such behavioral patterns. The appearance of her work mirrors the message she is conveying.

Catherine notes the playwright Henrik Ibsen as expressing this notion cleverly through the term 'Life-lie'. She writes; 'the Life-Lie is a state of denial, the life-lie becomes a detrimental zone of comfort, a space inhabited by emotions like longing, melancholia and loneliness.'

Below are Catherine's beautiful photo postcard pieces which we will be exhibiting in October. 

Work on Paper V11
Catherine Cameron

I don't feel a thing
Catherine Cameron

A Private Room
Catherine Cameron

Work on Paper V
Catherine Cameron

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