Interview with Sara Faith

We were very pleased to be able to have a chat with Sara Faith, associate editor of our new media partners Artlyst. Sara studied History of Art at the University of Manchester under Sir Nicholas Penny. She had several years experience working in West end contemporary art galleries, before moving into publishing where she worked for Thames & Hudson and was an editor at BCA. For the last 10 years, Sara has been a Director of FCR Gallery in Notting Hill Gate which specialises in 20th century design and Modern British painting. Sara has been a regular exhibitor at international art fairs and has published feature reviews of major museum shows. Take a read to get some more info on Artlyst and some advice from an industry expert.   

How did ArtLyst, first come about & how does it work?

Artlyst is an online publication formed to create a space where under represented artists could connect and to provide art news, reviews and curated listings of main stream and underground exhibitions.

 How can our readers become registered members? What can registered members expect from ArtLyst as a service? 

Anyone can access Artlyst via the website and interact through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, you can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter which provides the best of the week’s news, reviews and curated exhibition choices.

As Associate Editor of ArtLyst, what kind of work do you most enjoy promoting? What are the most exciting projects?

I really enjoy exhibitions of artists in unusual spaces such as car parks and pop ups as well as Art Festivals like the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, Art Night and the Liverpool Biennial where you have the opportunity to visit buildings that aren’t usually open to the public.

ArtLyst promotes predominantly emerging artists and cutting-edge contemporary artists. With all your experience, what advice would you give to emerging artists?

With over 10,000 graduates each year from Art colleges in the UK, I can only advise that artists take hold of their careers by organising group exhibitions with their friends and colleagues, set up their own dedicated website for their work, apply to competitions, residencies and open art events.  It is vital to get out there and interact with the active communities that exist in London and throughout the UK to keep connected in order to feel less isolated.. 

Which Art on a Postcard projects and contributing artists have caught your eye and why?

I am a huge admirer of the work that Gemma and her team do and the amount of energy and enthusiasm that go into all of the various projects. The Art on a Ukulele was very inventive and the fact that Photography on a Postcard was an open call. I like the contributions that are mini representations of a particular artist’s work.

We are very excited to have you as our media partner. What made you interested in working with us?

We have followed Art on a Postcard and the work you do for the Hepatitis C Trust for some time but it wasn’t until this year’s Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair that we developed a relationship with Gemma and the team.  It is a well organised inspiring and worthy project and we are delighted to be associated with Art on a Postcard.

For more information about Artlyst visit or subscribe to their newsletter You can also keep up to date via their social media; follow Artlyst on Instagram @artlyst, FacebookTwitter @Artlyst

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