Logor Oluwamuyiwa for Photography on a Postcard

Logor Oluwamuyiwa is a Nigerian Photographer from Lagos, he is perhaps most noted for the photographing of his home city. A photographer and filmmaker who works predominantly in black and white, he takes the observer from ‘clash’ to ‘subtlety’, ‘noise’ to ‘calm’, and claims that his work “is a study and not a statement.”

Logor explains that his photographs are a collaborative effort - between him and the people on the other side of the lens. “I get familiar, I talk to them, I tell them about myself and we find a common ground first as humans and acquaintance before I photograph and in cases where we can’t dialogue, I think they simply just see it in my eyes and gesture that I do not have hidden agendas other than to frame that which I have found interesting.” A dialogue that he believes is often more cerebral rather than verbal.

In the introduction to the selection of his work that was part of the Lagos Open Range exhibition in September 2015 at the Goethe Institute, Logor wrote of his work:

“I set out to photograph Lagos, seeking to capture the mysteries of the city, the theatrics and arrangement of almost everything, the poetic juxtapositions of its residents, how they relate to the city and vice versa. Most importantly, I seek the beauty in her forms, lines, patterns, textures, by stripping her of one of her most obvious features, her “colour.”

His work is characterised by a vivacity and expression of a place lesser seen, we are delighted to have two of his photographs on display at theprintspace, Shoreditch until the 24th October.

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