Meet Adebayo Bolaji

Adebayo Bolaji is a painter, writer, director and actor from London. He self-taught artist and came to work with the medium of paint later on in his career. His paintings are influenced by the likes of Francis Bacon, Dubuffet and Jean-Michel Basquiat, working mainly with acrylic, oil and oil stick. 

Adebayo in his studio in South East London

His work addresses human observation, race, psychological and anthropological themes. There is a strong West- African influence evident in the shapes, patterns, themes and colours. He says "when I saw strong references of West African art and yet being born and raised in London- this heritage of mine was instinctively coming through". Adebayo also sites Jazz an influence on his work which is visible in his process. Watching him move around his studio, working with a canvas is impressive. He is barefooted and constantly in motion. Almost as if dancing to the rhythm of the paint. 

Adebayo Bolaji

"Painting for me, can very much be like improvisation or devising in the theatre. One puts an idea of a kind down and one responds (truthfully) to it ... It's a constant conversation a visual dialogue with the subject matter always at the centre, until one arrives at the image which arguably has always been there since, I am always asking myself what is necessary ... Or responding honestly (as best as I can) to each part. Consequently, I arrive at the final image and know my part of the conversation is done, it's now left for others to view it and have their own opinion/dialogue ... Irrespective of mine."

Adebayo Bolaji in his Studio

In 2016 Bolaji was chosen as Tangle's commissioned artist for Yinka Shonibare's MBE renowned Guest Projects Space, in Hackney London, for emerging artists, subsequently Bolaji was selected to show his works at long standing contemporary gallery Galerie Proarta, in Zürich Switzerland. His work is gaining a huge following in the industry and on social media and he is quickly becoming one of London's most watched artists. Keep your eyes peeled for which postcard is his!

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