New Identity for Art on a Postcard

New identity for Art on a Postcard

We have been working on the brand identity of Art on a Postcard these past months and we are excited to reveal our new logo.



The design is based on the old Art on a Postcard Logo, which was supposed to look like a postage stamp. We wanted to keep a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia, whilst moving forward with a more progressive and contemporary mark. Art on a Postcard represents a large variety of artists, so the new identity needed to maintain a neutral tone of voice, but also be adaptable to regularly changing imagery and styles. The simplicity of the logo means it can now be applied like a stamp to overlay content, effectively keeping the Art on a Postcard name at the forefront.

The circular line underneath the lettering represents a letter ‘C’, linking the organisation to The Hepatitis C Trust more cohesively.


We have also been working on other elements such as colour palettes, typography, print layouts, web assets and promotional material, most of which will be introduced gradually within the next month.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


About the designer – Rhianna Davies:

I am a freelance graphic designer, living in London after graduating with a BA in 2016. I’m currently working with different commercial and independent clients on projects such as packaging, brand identity, website design and editorial design. I have been exploring bookbinding and print processes for the past few years, and am passionate about quality handcrafted products.

I particularly enjoy challenging projects that require research and conceptual thinking. For example, one of my favourite projects has been on an endangered writing system from West Cameroon. I typographically displayed all 83 characters in the syllabary, and documented some of the fascinating history alongside it. More samples of my work can be seen at

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