Meet Charles Williams

Charles Williams studied at the Royal Academy where he was a prize winner for his anatomical drawings. He is a founding member of the first Stuckist Art group in 1999.

The Stuckist’s revolt against post-modernist, conceptual art and their aim is to get back to the true-spirit of modernism and to produce works of ‘spiritual value’, with heavy importance put upon painting as a medium. In one manifesto they described their work as ‘anti-anti-art’.

Charles’s work is a reflection on modern life, situated in living rooms, parks and dinner tables. However, the perspective and spacing is always warped and sits uneasily, creating almost nightmarishly obscure scenes out of settings we are so familiar with. He has said that his work comments on ‘conformist mundanity’, creating social critique through the use of vibrant and absurdist painting.

Here he is behind the scenes painting his Ukulele for our Art on a Ukulele project, approaching it from a playful angle. We are so pleased to have him on board. It looks beautiful already.


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