Rowan Newton - Seldom Seen

We are so happy to be working with Rowan Newton on our second collaboration with Jealous Gallery.  The limited edition print "Seldom Seen" will be released at London Original Print Fair on May 4 at The Royal Academy. 

Painter and illustrator Rowan Newton is from South London and has been painting professionally since 2004. Newton's work has seen major success across exhibitions and art fairs internationally; having featured in The Affordable Art Fair's of New York, Amsterdam, Hamburg and London. 

Growing up in Brixton significantly influenced Newton's style. Having been surrounded by the vibrant urban landscapes and brightly coloured street art in his immediate environment, he drew from the energetic layering of street art upon flaking billboards and the bold graffiti so ingrained in Brixton's identity to produce provocative, gritty and characterful pieces on unconventional choices of canvas, such as wood and cardboard.

Rowan hand finishing his print at Jealous Print Studios 

Initially, Newton's work is immediately joyful, bountiful and full of exuberance. Within moments however, upon assessing the stature, expressions, and gaze of his subjects; it becomes apparent that there is a vacancy and often a darkness beheld by the painting. 

Rowan Newton

Rowan's has titled his new print 'Seldom Seen'. Having  submitted postcards to our secret auction since it started in 2014, Rowan wanted to produce a piece which echoes his thoughts and feelings about the charity and the cause. 

'My piece is entitled Seldom Seen. It depicts a woman in the nude and in her most vulnerable state, still trying to hide her face from the viewer. So this piece is exploring a theme that struck me about Hepatitis C, that even to this day people still feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about having it due to the stigma that surrounding the virus.

We have all felt before that something is happening to our bodies that we don’t want to talk about. So knowing that everyone around us is also doing the same thing, why do we still feel the need to hide these elements of our lives? Via social media people are willing to expose themselves in so many other ways, people talk about certain other health related and relationship issues when they are deemed more acceptable to discuss, but will hide others in worry of judgment. The woman in the print is pretty much fully exposing herself but is still trying hide behind her arm, as if to suggest she is not fully willing to let the world know it is her. She doesn’t need to hide, we should all stand tall and proud of our bodies and what they go through.' Rowan Newton

The figures he depicts, in his own words, are 'as complex emotionally, as they are physically contrasting', and whats more, the story within each work leaves the viewer with a humbling comprehension of the notion that, what is often initially apparent, is not always as it seems.

Rowan Newton

‘Seldom Seen’

Edition of 25

4 colour screen print

Somerset satin 300gsm paper

Hand finished with acrylic paint by artist

70x45, torn edges


For all sales inquires email Marina on

There are 25 editions only of this beautiful print so don’t miss out. The London Original Print Fair will be held at the Royal Academy between the 4th-7th May.

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Claudia has written for various publications including GQ and LOVE magazine. She graduated from the University of Leeds in 2014 with a 2:1 Geography and has since gone on to pursue a career in fashion, and is a full time model with Storm London. A keen writer and fashion enthusiast; her secret project 'ClaudRobe' will be launching later this Summer.

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