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Art on a Postcard is joining The Other Art Fair (TOAF) in Bristol this July for a Urban Art vs Street Photography themed postcard auction. There is an international roster of artists such as photographers Mankichi Shinshi, Gabi Ben-Avraham, and urban artists My Dog Sighs, Ryca, Pang, Cosmo Sarson, Levalet, Acrylicize, Dee Dee, Anatomix and Shuby taking part. 

All artworks will be up for auction on the 29th July and available for bidding both online and at the fair. The only exception to this is the Harland Miller triptych hand finished pieces which will only be available at the fair. Find out more and get 50% off The Other Art Fair tickets with the code ‘EARLY50' here.

Take a read through the full list of our participating Urban Artists and Street Photographers below then using our constantly updated page of the postcards, see if you can match the works to their corresponding artists. 


Participating Artists

0707, 2501, A.CE, Acrylicize, Ador, Aida, Anatomix, Angry Dan, Tom Anholt, Apeseven, Alaa Awad, Samuel Bassett, Hideki Arichi, Gabi Ben-Avraham, Aaron Berger, Filipe Bianchi, Alex Binnie, Florence Blanchard, Bleeps, Fadi BouKaram, Chris Bourke, Gavin Bragdon, David Bray, Adam Bridgland, Broken Fingaz, Brolga, Janet Brown, Craig Buchan, Peter Buchman, James Burke, Alan Burles, Ant Carver, Carl Cashman, Jennifer Caviola, Barry Cawston, Chu, Dave the Chimp, Chris Daze Ellis, Dee Dee, Derlon, Donk, Don't Fret, Dotmasters, Dr. D, Christian Drexler, El Celso, El Teneen, EMES crew, EndoftheLine, esm-artificial, Argus Paul Estabrook, Eversiempre, Marc Fairhurst, Hugo Farmer, Fawn, Sam Ferris, Clive Frost, Alexandra Gallagher, Pam Glew, Michael Goldrei, Nicholas Goodden, Carne Griffiths, Eric Haarcht, Larry Hallegua, Maxwell Harrison, Christopher Hart Chambers, Nick Harvey, Adam Hemuss, Elmo Hood, Indigo, Inkie, Swapnil Jedhe, Dos Jotas, James Joyce, Jan Kaláb, Carl KENZ, Novemto Kimono, KINMX, Know Hope aka Addam Yekutieli, Adam Koukadakis, Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn, Levalet, Mark McClure, Ian McDonnell, Jim McElvaney, Mentalgassi, Andrew Millar, Lily Mixe, Joe Murtagh, My Dog Sighs, N.O.Madski, Akkara Naktamna, PhoebeNewYork, Jana Nicole, Pang, Alvin Paringit, Jo Peel, Henning S Pettersen, Carrie Reichardt, Rugman, Paul Russell, RYCA, Cosmo Sarson, Schoony, Fabian Schreyer, Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann, David Shillinglaw, Mankichi Shinshi, Shuby, Richard Spare, Sr. X, STATIC, Dmitry Stepanenko, STEW, Ashleigh Sumner, Chris Suspect, Ryosuke Takamura, The Krah, Yanko Tihov, Torso, Seamus Travers, Mathieu Tremblin, Umberto Verdoliva, Vhils, David Walker, Skyid J Wang, Mathias Wasik, Tom Westbury, Dave White, Linda Wisdom, Heiko Zahlmann



TOAF will be back in Bristol this summer for their biggest edition yet. Presenting 100 artists over four days (26-29 July) in a brand new location, The Passenger Shed at Temple Meads. Celebrated for its unique visitor experience, The Other Art Fair will continue to delight and inspire art lovers with a tightly curated and distinctive programme of fair features that will create a platform for the 'unexpected' at the fair.

Art on a Postcard will be at The Other Art Fair from the 26th (Private View) -29th July 2018. 

The Passenger Shed, Station Approach, Bristol BS1 6QH



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