The Ukulele Artwork Revealed

We are very pleased to reveal these one of a kind pieces. Bespoke Ukulele's made by the UK’s foremost independent ukulele maker Pete Howlett. 28 of the best contemporary artists have decorated, redesigned and reformed these beautiful instruments into works of art and they are truly astonishing. To find out more about the project and the artists involved go to We are proud to present to you the 28 Ukuleles...

Allen Jones RA
Anne Desmet RA

Bill Jacklin RA
Cathie Pilkington RA

Charles Williams

Charlie Calder-Potts

Chris Orr RA
Dave McKean

David Inshaw

David Mach RA

David Shillinglaw 

Eugenie Vronskaya

Fipsi Seilem
George Underwood 

Glen Baxter
Jock McFadyen RA 

Linda Sutton

Lisa Wright

Lizzie Riches

Louis Turpin

Michael Kirkbride

Mick Rooney RA

Norman Ackroyd CBE RA

Peter Layzell

Peter Messer
PJ Crook

Ramiro Fernandez Saus
Tooney Phillips

These are totally one of a kind pieces by some of the best contemporary artists. Come and see them get played at the Jazz Cafe ahead of our exhibition. You can buy tickets here 

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