Inside the Artist's Studio with Bunmi Agusto


The first ITAS for our International Women's Day Auction 2022 is with the extraordinary Bunmi Agusto! Bunmi's practice follows the inhabitants of a surrealist wonderland in her mind called Within. Bunmi invites us into her studio to discuss her art and practice 🎨 




Lot 293 - Bunmi Agusto - Aruaro (In Blue and Green) is available to bid on as part of our IWD Auction. Bidding opens on 25th February and starts at £50. 

'This artwork features a member of Agusto's fictional Aruaro clan. This clan is known for their unique tribal marks in which lie a second set of eyes that allows them to tap into a more insightful ancestral perspective. However, in this piece, the Aruaro hides all four of their eyes as they engage in conversation leisurely.'

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