A Conversation with Caroline Coon

Ahead of our much anticipated Limited Edition release of a Caroline Coon print (her first ever limited edition print release!), we sat down with Caroline to discuss the print, her iconic career and what exhibitions she's most looking forward to in 2022...

Can you tell us about the limited edition print you've done?

In 2020, when I was making preparatory drawings for my painting ‘Rugged Defensive Play’, Gemma Peppé asked me for an International Woman’s Day Art on a Postcard. I thought it would be fun to make a miniature sketch of the drawing, especially since the painting is partly a homage to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup where players like Megan Rapinoe, Daniëlle van de Donk and Demi Stokes challenged sexism, successfully demanding equality with men in prominence, performance and pay. The multicultural players and fans within this painting represent my lifelong belief in biological sex with fluidity across a gender spectrum from masculine to feminine.

This Limited Edition of the sketch is my first. 

The painting, ‘Rugged Defensive Play’ (2020) oil on canvas 122 x 152cm, was included in ‘Mixing it Up; Painting Today” at the Hayward Gallery 2021-2022. 

What has it been like to enjoy success later in your career? How has your practice changed?

It has been an exciting time. But, ‘success’ to me will depend on what happens now in my studio. If, in the next few years, I can make one or two paintings that people will consider worth seeing, then I will be happy. Since I was a teenager I’ve been fascinated by the ‘late’ works of artists from Titian to Dorothea Tanning. Now that I am old, my many years of practice will guide me both emotionally and aesthetically, I hope! 

Where do you see the art world going in the future?

For sure, so long as spirited humans survive on Earth there will be, in all mediums, creativity and immortal art.

What exhibitions are you most excited for in 2022?

It will possible to see work that is optimistic and joyful despite viruses and war? I’m looking forward to seeing what astonishing work is on at TRAMPS (Micawber St) and DuoVision (Martin Green and James Lawler). And, a must go to is the ‘modernised’ Courtauld Gallery for the permanent collection as well as the Van Gogh Self-Portraits!


Caroline's Limited Edition Print, 'Rugged Defensive Play', will be released on our website on 3rd March.

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