Daisy Emerson Talks Typography

Daisy Emerson is an illustrator and sign writer from London who has a real love of hand lettering and type. She paints big bold signs and murals often in her signature bright pastel colours. Her clients include Facebook, Google, John Lewis & Carnaby. Her striking card YES is part of our Summer Postcard Lottery with CultureLabel and is can be won by buying a lottery ticket HERE!

RT Your card carries a positive message, what is something that never fails to make you happy?

DE It’s nice to be able to paint positive words, this is something which makes me happy of course and especially if the piece is received well, that’s even better.

RT For those readers who may not be familiar with your work, how would you describe it?

DE I like to paint nice letters. These are often in bright pastel colours, bold and fun. I use traditional signwriting in a modern way often painting onto metal, reclaimed wood or large-scale walls.

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RT As an illustrator how did you come to specifically typography? Was it something that developed?

DE I’ve always loved lettering and typography, I went on a sign writing workshop and I was instantly hooked. It combined lettering and a brush, which just felt really nice and natural to me. I’ve just always been drawn to type.

RT Your work is often playful and has a retro feel. In developing lettering or type, where does inspiration come from? What is the process?

DE Inspiration can come from a lot of places, I like to take inspiration from my surroundings and the things that I like...my interests. It can be from a specific reference for a particular project, something I have seen unexpectedly or a random idea or word which pops into my head.

RT You have said you usually start with pencils and pens as a doodle. Technically, how do you get those doodles onto full-scale walls or windows?

DE As if by magic…! We’ll scale it out to fit the space usually.

RT Why did you want to get involved with Art on a Postcard?

DE Art on a Postcard works with a lot of great artists and it’s for a very good cause. It’s a chance for creativity with a positive message so I felt it was good excuse to become involved.

RT What exciting projects do you have coming up?

DE I’m doing a lot more customisation projects with fashion brands and I’ll be doing some more signage for some festivals over the summer.

To see more of Daisy's work visit her website


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