Interview with Sean Worrall for AOAP x St WIilfrid's Hospice


To accompany Art on a Postcard's auction raising proceeds for Eastbourne-based charity, St Wilfrid's Hospice, we sent participating artist Sean Worrall some questions to answer about his pieces. 

Sean Worrall has donated several of his Skyline paintings to Art on a Postcard events in the past and for this one focussed especially on Eastbourne and the pier, something that fitted in perfectly with Sean's ongoing exploration of Skylines and the notion of looking up. 

Bidding for the auction is open from 14 September to 3rd October. The artworks have been split into three separate auctions. Sean's artworks are Lot 195-197 and are in the second postcard auction.

The Postcards: Part I (Lots 1-136)
This auction will close on 3rd October at 2pm (BST)
The Postcards: Part II (Lots 137-269)
This auction will close on 3rd October at 3pm (BST)
The Paintings and Ceramics
This auction will close on 3rd October at 4pm (BST)

The video was produced and directed by Marina Anthony. The questions were sent in by Art on a Postcard's Moriah Ogunbiyi. The video made in September 2023.

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