Meet the Artist: CJP

We are always fascinated to learn about the inspiration and creative routine behind artists’ work. We met with sketch artist CJP to discuss his practice and learn more about the the core themes of his work.

CJP Prints

You reflect on the natural environment in your work. How do your surroundings affect and inspire your work?

I've always been passionate about the environment and feel it important to place thought-provoking narrative in my work from time to time as a reminder that we should all care a little more for the natural world.

What materials do you use and why?

Black ink and paper is my current thing, as well as large scale digital works. I started out in design doing technical drawings and this, combined with a love for detailed and realistic art led me to fine nibbed ink pens which allow me to combine deep contrasts with intricate detail.

Tell us about a day in your studio. Do you have a creative routine?

Never been a one for routine! For each piece I go through a sketching/planning phase then work on the main piece until it's complete, and it's a cycle between these phases. The planning phases are usually eclectic - doodling, taking pictures, experimenting with light etc., then the main piece will simply be many days spent drawing very slowly across a sheet of paper while listening to music and podcasts, sometimes breaking off to do something like draw in my book of portraits with a pencil.


Original artwork details, courtesy of the artist

Are there particular things you need around you to work effectively?

Lots of pens - boxes of them, with different size nibs. I also have sketchpads everywhere and doodle ideas until they start taking shape. Good light helps too.


You work on a variety of scales. How did you find working on a postcard scale to create these works?

I really enjoyed the little postcard process. I like hiding things in the shadows and there was just enough room to add a tiny squirrel in this piece. Working with ink means there's no getting it wrong or rubbing out so it was less stressful than bigger pieces.

Can you spot the squirrel?

Do you have any exciting projects/exhibitions coming up?

I have a solo show 'Anima Mundi' starting 27th September, at Art of Protest Gallery in York.

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