Meet the Artist: Elsa Rouy

Bidding for our Winter Auction is now open until 23rd November! We sat down with Elsa Rouy, whose artwork is included in Ell Pennick's curated selection, to discuss the postcards she donated, how they fit into her wider practice and what she is currently working on.

Your postcards are striking, is there a binding narrative?
Each postcard is its own moment between two lovers that are kissing. The red paint and titles, Kissers and Nosebleed, vaguely implies the transfer of blood in these acts. I like the elusiveness of the moment, how the bleeding started and what this implies about the situation. Perhaps the fragility of closeness with another person.
What is the context behind these works?

They are an exploration of new ways to explore imagery relating to tenderness and brutality, two themes that I consistently explore. I used charcoal and paint to play with nonspace and mark making as a way to create the duality of the hard and softness of the moment. Stripping the image down to attempt to emulate the complexities of intimacy in 4 simple images.

What relationship do they have with your wider practice?

They follow similar themes and are consistent with their use of the implication of blood and intimacy. However, they have opened up a new avenue in my practice, in 'Kissers' I made the artworks by using mark making and block colour, there is no use of line. The process changed the dynamic of the image and is something I am intrigued by, it abstracted the scene, creating more feeling than if it was a definitive snapshot of the moment. I am planning on taking this into my wider practice and exploring the relation it can have with the painting style I have pre-developed.

What are you currently working towards that you are looking forward to the most?

I have a few shows coming up where I am really happy with the body of work, notably a show for Steve Turner in November. The works are calmer and much more gentle than previous pieces but incorporate imagery that are loosely influenced by the formatting of gothic literature.

Lots 1-4. Elsa Rouy - Curated by Ell Pennick 

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