Meet the Artist: Gori Mora

Gori Mora was born in Mallorca (Spain) in 1992. He graduated with an MA in Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art in 2018. He currently lives and works in Glasgow, UK. 


Mora has exhibited his work at: Art Düsseldorf, Galería Pelaires, Düsseldorf, Germany (2024); ARCO, Galería Pelaires, Madrid, Spain (2024/2023/2022); Galería Pelaires, Mallorca, Spain (solo) (2023/2022); Future Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2022); BEERS London Gallery, Londres, UK (2021 y 2022); Future Fair New York; BEERS London, New York, USA (2022); Tuesday to Friday Gallery, Valencia, Spain (2022); Royal Scottish Academy of Edinburgh, UK (2021); V2React, Miami, USA (2020); AIR Gallery, Manchester, UK (2020); TRAMWAY, Glasgow, UK (2019), among others. His work Stormy day was acquired by X Museum, CN (2023), and his project My Florence Souvenir is part of the Royal Scottish Academy of Edinburgh collection, UK (2018).

Hector Campbell's Auction: 8. Gori Mora - Tutti Frutti Parti


Your paintings allude to a cultural shift around love and relationships. How do you think digital technology has changed our desires? 
Digital technology has transformed how we experience love and relationships. It provides easy access to a market through dating apps and social media. This abundance can lead us to constantly seek something better, making it hard to feel truly satisfied with what we have. As a result, our desires also keep changing, and we often feel like we’re always looking for more.

Do you find the analogue process of painting offsets your focus on painting screens depicting a digital world? 
When I work on projects that specifically address the digital world, I always use acrylic sheets as support. It's a reverse process where I start with details first and finish with the background. When the painting is finished, I turn the acrylic sheet over. Therefore, the viewer sees their reflection in the painting as if they were mirrored on their cellphones. The use of a traditional medium like oil paints with contemporary materials like Perspex creates a meeting point between the analogue and the digital world. 

What’s the art scene like in Glasgow? 
Glasgow's art scene is very diverse, with a mix of contemporary art galleries, traditional museums, and independent art spaces. The city has post-industrial architecture, with some rough elements and brutalist buildings, which, in my opinion, attract all types of creatives who find a lot of inspiration here. Currently, the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art is happening and is attracting attention from around the world, solidifying Glasgow's reputation as a cultural hub. There's always something exciting happening in Glasgow's art scene.  

Do you have any projects on the horizon that you would like to share? 
I’m currently working on a solo show that will take place at Unit London, opening on the 15th of August. In September, I have a group show at Es Baluard Museu in Mallorca, which will open during La Nit de l’Art in Palma and run until January 2025. 


Words by Rosie Penny
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