Meet the Artist: Nina Silverberg

Nina Silverberg (b.1994) is an Italian painter living and working in London. She received her BA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2018. 


Your work features a lot of repeating motifs, such as raindrops and gloves, what draws you to this repetition of objects? 
My practice is obsessive, repetitive and meditative. Repetition helps me explore  the different subjects that occupy my paintings. Painting is an historical medium, always referencing what came before. By repeating my own themes and works, I am referencing the past while creating a language within my own practice. 


Hector Campbell's Auction: Lot 13. Nina Silverberg - Tears


The compositions you create are paired back and minimal. Is this simplicity symbolic of a greater ethos? 
I am interested in the dialogue between abstraction and figuration and making work that subtly and evocatively explores the relationship between colour and form. The painting's paired back quality also characterises the works with stillness and intimacy. The simplicity of the paintings make it so one can really contemplate the emotions one can associate with the work. 


The colour palette you use is very distinctive. How did you develop visual language? 
Most of my works explore themes of isolation and safety. The muted palette I use, combined with the paired back imagery, render these themes in a soft and intimate way. To me colour has always been instinctual, dictating and inspiring a lot of the work that I make.  


 Hector Campbell's Auction: Lot 14. Nina Silverberg - Rain


Words by Rosie Penny
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