Meet the Artist: Ken Nwadiogbu

Bidding for our Winter Auction is now open until 23rd November! We sat down with Nigerian-born London-based artist Ken Nwadiogbu (Lots 461-463) to discuss his artistic, the use of the eye motif in his artworks, and his pieces in the auction.

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What role does the process of layering play in your postcards? 

My name is Ken Nwadiogbu, I am a Nigerian-born London-based visual artist. The concept of layering plays a pivotal role in my 'Art on a Postcard' pieces. As an artist, I view my identity as a composition of various layers of experiences, shaped by my exposure to cities like Lagos and London, and a myriad of others across the globe. This multifaceted perspective on life extends to my artistic practice. I hold a deep appreciation for layers as they provide a canvas for me to explore diverse mediums, each possessing its own unique characteristics. In my art, I often blend materials such as acrylic with oil or charcoal with collage. However, for my 'Art on a Postcard' creations, I intentionally opted for charcoal and acrylic. Charcoal, in particular, holds a special significance for me, as it was the medium I initially embraced when I began my artistic journey.

Is there any continuity between these pieces and your wider practice?

Is there any continuity between these pieces and your wider practice? In my practice, I have started to delve into abstract expression, exploring its facets. I'm essentially combining abstract expression and realism, in a way to bring the familiar into surreal spaces. I believe that by combining both the visual and emotional elements of my experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the context of memory. Memories, as we know, are not stored in their entirety but rather exist in bits and fragments.

Eyes are a recurring motif in your work, catching viewers within their gaze. What relationship do you have with the act of looking?

In the eyes, there exists a potent force. Some say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Furthermore, when you engage in direct eye contact with someone, you can feel a powerful energy. This is the energy I want to evoke in the work. With the recurring theme of the eyes in my artwork, my aim is to establish a connection with the viewers. It's not merely about looking; but also, about being seen. I want the artwork to engage in a dialogue with you, creating a space where the artwork communicates with the viewer.

Lots 461-463. Ken Nwadiogbu

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