Meet the Artist: Rebekah Rubalcava

Rebekah Rubalcava (b. 1996) is a self taught oil painter. Personally cathartic, her art is steeped in a subconscious dream world and her work gently divulges secrets of personal symbolism, intrusive thoughts, romanticized experiences and highly emotional narratives.


Rebekah’s compositions feel delicate, dreamy and theatrical, at times disconcerting and ominous. It hints at a greater narrative that extends beyond the canvas. Selected exhibitions include: Two Sisters, Roman Road Gallery (London, 2022); It Hurts to Know, Rusha Gallery (LA, 2022); The Bioelectric Self, The Pit (LA, 2023); Dallas Art Fair with Rusha Gallery (2023).


In AOAP's Auction: Lot 41. Rebekah Rubalcava - Bo & Peep


The subjects of your work seem to be tormented in one way or another, what does this dystopian atmosphere represent to you? 
They’re hyper conscious, and that comes with a heavy amount of emotions and experiences that can at times be rather disconcerting. 


Are the environments you paint based on real places or do they reside in fantasy? 
It’s mostly based off of the orchards and landscapes I grew up loving in New Mexico but very romanticized and a lot greener. 


What influenced your choice to paint lambs for your submitted artworks? 
Lambs are fun I enjoy painting them. 


Do you have any projects on the horizon you would like to share? 
I’m excited to reveal what is to come in due time. ;) 


In AOAP's Auction: 42. Rebekah Rubalcava - Lavender


Words by Rosie Penny
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