Meet the Curator: Ell Pennick

For our annual Winter Auction, Art on a Postcard has invited six guest curators - we will be introducing each curator with a short interview. Each curator's mini auction will be open from 9-23 November via Dreweatts Auction House alongside Art on a Postcard's main auction. 

This week we sat down with Ell Pennick, the founder and director of Guts Gallery.

As a curator, what fuels your inspiration when selecting artists or themes for exhibitions?

We have strong sociopolitical exhibition themes that have a clear message and create space for constructive dialogue! 

Could you provide a brief overview of your career in the art world? How did arrive at your current position?

My journey into the art world began with my frustrations at the lack of meaningful opportunities for people like me. I couldn't accept a place at the Royal College of Art, due to my financial status, and this experience made me start questioning the broader social austerity within the arts. I launched Guts to create a fair art-business model, something that holds far more importance to me than a piece of paper with a master's grade on it. My mission became clear: to champion emerging artists and help them demand the respect and ownership they truly deserve. 

At AOAP we are always keen to champion emerging talent. What rising stars are you most excited about in your auction?

All of them! I can't choose one! 

What artwork would you buy if money was no object?

'Lovers at Night 2023' by Doron Langberg  

Looking ahead to 2024, what are some of the projects or exhibitions you’re particularly looking forward to?

A solo exhibition with Elsa Rouy and a duo exhibition with Olivia Sterling and Lydia Pettit!

What are your top 5 artworks across the auction outside of the artworks you curated?

26. Henry Glover - Simply Done

482. Daisy Collingridge - Facescape (Miniature 2)

93. Fungai Marima - On A Mission

485. Phoebe Evans - Ambivalence

489. Precious Opara - Universe in a Drop

Headshot Photography Credit: Brynley Odu Davies

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