The Art of Isolation ✨ Robert James Clarke


 Location: In a cabin in the Catskill Mountains – miles from anyone.
 How do you think the art world will respond to the corona virus outbreak?⁠⠀

"I think most artists will blossom... create more, be more human.”⁠
Do you have a positive message you can share with fellow artists and creators?⁠⠀

“Keep on, keeping on.” ⁠
How has your practice been affected/influenced by the corona virus outbreak?⁠⠀

“I have become more focused. I paint all day when not chopping wood for the fire and it's making me happy to create... I am currently working in small sizes as to save on what limited paper I have. I have paint and brushes and my makeshift studio is good. Artists generally are isolated individuals so makes me feel lucky to have a space I can hide away from the onset of this terrible virus.”⁠



If money was no object which 3 artworks would you own to keep you happy in isolation? ⁠⠀

1. ‘Alfie in a small town’ 1979 by Phillip Guston ⁠⠀
2. ‘Jewish woman’ 1950 by Jean dubuffet ⁠⠀
3. ‘The eternal conjurer’ circa 1960 by Alan Davie ⁠⠀

“These are all my favourite painters but there are so many brilliant artists to choose from... Too many to list but I love the exuberance with the energy, the colour.” ⁠⠀

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