Ben Eine's Ultimate Christmas Card

It's finally here. The Ultimate Christmas Card designed by Ben Eine. We have been sneakily teaming up with Ben and Jealous Print Studios to make this year a special one. Ben has been working away in the studio for weeks now to bring you these limited edition, hand finished cards, that come in their very own christmassy sleeve with a Certificate of Authenticity and Card inside. Each card is a completely unique Eine design and is hand signed by the man himself, the only thing that remains the same is the trademark Ben Eine lettering. We are extremely grateful to our good friend Ben who has supported us many times in the past. 

Born in London, Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world and is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffitti letterforms. Originally a writer, Eine started his career over 25 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style.

Eine’s aim was to point out that street art is distinct from graffiti. He believed “street artists want to add something to the environment. They consider the audience, whereas graffiti writers don’t care about anyone except themselves, they do it purely for the kick”. Eine's bright and colourful letters were created to stand out from the usual tags and dubs seen on the streets and can still be found in areas of East London. These letters appear on shop shutters and often spell whole words across walls.

 Eine first came to prominence in the “commercial” graffiti scene through his symbiotic partnership with London graffiti artist Banksy. In 2010 the UK Prime Minister David Cameron gifted his artwork to President Obama, while a particular area of the East End was named ‘Alphabet City’ after his colourful array of shopfront ‘shutter art’. Currently Ben Eine’s work is held in the permanent collections of the V&A, London, The Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles and galleries worldwide, while his street art works can be seen all over the world, most recently he completed a huge mural on the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Check out this Art on a Postcard film with Ben Eine, let him introduce himself and see how he gets his huge pieces up on the walls. 



For those of you on our mailing list, we have a doubly good surprise for you. Today we are opening up the shop exclusively to those on our mailing list. If you would like to join there is a link at the bottom of this page, but be quick, the email goes out today.

We are so delighted to be able to share this Xmas joy with you very soon and for you all to make someone's Christmas with the Ultimate Card. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow when we announce it in our shop. They are limited edition so be sure to get yours quickly! 

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