Photo London's Top 5 - Photography on a Postcard

With just 1 month to go until our exhibition opens at Photo London 2019 we are delighted to invite the Photo London team to select their top 5 images from our Photography on a Postcard auction!

 Lot #504 - Through

"It feels incredibly intimate, like an everyday shared moment between 2 people which seems nothing out of the ordinary yet very personal at the same time."

 Lot #149 - Hong Kong No.2

"This dense housing block in Hong Kong makes overcrowded London look quaint by comparison. I cannot help but wonder what is taking place behind those windows."

 Lot #238 - Badly Repaired Cars

"It makes me feel like a magpie, attracted to the combination of colour, sheen and mini-anecdote."

 Lot #544 - Hope Keeper

"The subject looks like he is starting to tell his story but his glance through the camera lens is so intense to communicate a feeling/message to the viewer without using any words."

Lot #406 – Christmas in Albany

"There’s too much to take in with this image. I have so many questions about this image and I’m not sure if I want to know the answers."


Photography on a Postcard auction runs 8th - 22nd May 2019 on Paddle8.

All works will be exhibited at Photo London 16th - 20th May 2019

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