The Cause: The Hepatitis C Trust Helpline

This auction will focus on The Hepatitis C Trust helpline which is staffed entirely by people who have had hepatitis C. The helpline has become a key component in the current Infected Blood Inquiry, the largest public enquiry in British history, which was launched to investigate why infected blood products were being used to treat NHS patients prior to 1992. Helpline manager Samantha May is providing supporting evidence to the Inquiry team based on statistics and common facts drawn out by the numerous calls to our helpline over the years. The number of calls from people who have received infected blood during transfusion and subsequently been misdiagnosed for years only to find they have cirrhosis or liver cancer have snowballed and keeping up is increasingly difficult.⁠
Learn more about the work of The Hepatitis C Trust helpline and The Infected Blood Inquiry below.
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"It felt good talking to someone who understands hepatitis C, it made me feel better” 

“Excellent, friendly and professional service” 

“We will use you as a resource for clients and professionals to maximise the health gains for those with hepatitis C” 

“Very approachable, enthusiastic staff, very quick response to enquiries and good information material” 

“Excellent service and a huge relief to find a source of reliable and comprehensive information” 



The Hepatitis C Trust blog posts on the Inquiry/recent news 



Recent news articles on the Inquiry 


Latest news from the Inquiry following lockdown announcement 

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