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Linda Sutton - A6 Art on a Ukulele Print

Linda Sutton - A6 Art on a Ukulele Print

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'Space Angel, Mars and Exploding Star'

Medium: Acrylic and gold-leaf

Ukulele: Kala Concert
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching


1971-74 Royal College of Art, London. Her teachers there included Sir Robert de Grey PPRA and Carel Weight RA, both of whom bought Lindas paintings for their own collections. Other teachers and admirers at this time were Peter Blake RA, Robert Buhler RA and Ruskin Spear RA.

"Linda Sutton and I share in common two mentors, Sir Roger de Grey and Carel Weight. Alas! They are no longer with us but the friendship and encouragement we encountered, be it at different times at the Royal College of Art and for many years after, remain with us to this day. The embryonic artist sets out on a journey of the imagination and along the way confronts, even within the inner sanctum of the art world, obstacles and deterrents erected by the conventionalists who appear at every other turning. In time one learns to by-pass them and take ones own road. Linda, rather in the manner of the eponymous heroine, set off from the start along the individualist trail. She was well armed with a sharp vision, a quiver full of barbed questions and a golden seine net that she threw with vivacious confidence at any plump dream attempting to escape." - Mick Rooney RA.

"Her paintings which have been regularly on show at the Academys annual Summer Exhibition have delighted with their wit. Her crowded paintings are colourful, contemporary, figurative and narrative work, enriched by an understanding of the conscious displacements of scale and perspective illusionist teasing which is the legacy of the freedom now possible in paintings with the advent of modernism and abstract idioms." - Marina Vaizey in the The Sunday Times.

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