Sara Pope - Aphrodite
Sara Pope - Aphrodite

Sara Pope - Aphrodite

Digital Archival Print on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm Paper with 24 Carat Gold Leaf

A6 (15 x 10cm)


Edition of 100


'The artwork for this new edition created for Art on a Postcard was inspired, as the name suggests, by the mythical Greek goddess Aphrodite. Associated with love, lust, beauty, pleasure and passion, I wanted to embody these things in my painting.' - Sara Pope





Sara’s early commercial work, in fashion, beauty and media proved to be the inspiration for her art. Working in oils and acrylic, she makes use of bold, attractive colours with high shine gloss. Her painting style imitates the slickness of advertising, whilst provocatively subverting its themes.


Sara is best known for her seductive paintings of bold, colourful, voluptuous lips, of which her submission for Art Car Boot Fair is a perfect example. She aims to capture the glamour and sexual power conveyed by a pair of lips. All her paintings from this series start with a photographic shoot, a model and some make up. Exploring the ideas of communication, she asks the model, to think of emotions, love, happiness or flirtation, which she captures photographically. The painting process for these Lip portraits involves several thin layers of oil, being overlaid over each other to create a translucent, glass like quality. Hyper realism has become a major theme in her lips painting.