Benjamin Murphy talks to Ray Richardson

Ray Richardson has been a contributing artist to Art on a Postcard since we started in 2014. His work has featured in most of our lotteries both auctions and he was with us at Art Car Boot Fair last year. His dog Brian features in all of his AoaPC work including our Best of Art on a Postcard  show. On the last day of the Best of Art on a Postcard at Jealous North  Benjamin Murphy had a chat with him. 

BM - For those that might not know, please explain who you are and what you do.

RR- I'm Ray Richardson and I do this painting for a living because it's what I do.

BM - Have you always been so creative?

RR – Yes

BM – Kevin Foursoards is an interesting idea, please tell us more about this.

RR - It's too long to go into but it all stemmed out of going to a Charlton v Palace game with David Bray & Ben Oakley and the idea came up at the British Oak pub after the game. We lost & they won. Basically we made up this fake Artist Kevin Threesauds who is the sum of our collective stupid ideas that fit like a glove on the wrong feet. Knowhatwemean..?.


BM – What is the significance of the dog character you often paint?

RR - The English Bull Terrier is me. You have to have one to understand that. They think/know they're the guvnors.

BM - What made you want to get involved with Art on a Postcard?

RR - You did as you asked me to donate some work and I thought it was a good thing to try to supper so cheers for asking me.

BM - What other exciting things are you working on at the moment?

RR – I have a show in Luxembourg opening in a couple of weeks at Galerie Clairefontaine & one in Brussels at Zedes Gallery in September so take two trips.

BM – Where can we find out more about your work?

RR - At my gallery Beaux Arts London uptown in Mayfair or downtown at The Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich




About the writer
Benjamin Murphy is an artist who primarily creates delicate figurative works using black electrical tape. As well as this, he regularly writes about contemporary art. He lives and works in London.
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