Art on a Postcard Auction for International Women’s Day 2020

Art on a Postcard is delighted to announce its first all-female auction of original postcard sized art to observe International Women’s Day in March 2020. A list of outstanding women in the arts has been carefully chosen from those whose work has transformed stereotypes and made a significant impact on society and culture.   
The line-up includes luminaries such as Harmony Hammond, who has recently had her first European solo show at Bermondsey’s White Cube, the world renowned Guerrilla Girls, an anonymous group of feminist, female artists who have been devoted to fighting sexism and racism within the art world since 1985 and Caroline Coon whose artwork explores sexual themes from a feminist standpoint and who has exhibited at The Tate and The Saatchi Gallery. Also confirmed are Genieve Figgis, Anne Tallentire, Ellen Gronemeyer, Katherine Bernhardt, Judy Clark, Sarah Morris, Yulia Iosilzon and Helen Johnson.  
The reserve price for all the featured postcard sized works of art will start at £50.
This is NOT a secret auction so this time you will know which artist's work you are bidding on.

The auction will take place on from 27 Feb – 11 March 2020.
The artworks will be exhibited at The AllBright Mayfair on 2 March 2020.

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